Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Etsy Seller Spotlight: Sweet Ambs's Cookies

I have to tell you, the first time we saw Sweet Ambs's cookies we thought, "Wait! Those are too pretty to eat!" The stunning decoration on each cookie is truly awe-inspiring! From the Wedgewood design to the monograms to the cameo us, you have never seen cookies like these.

Sweet Ambs's Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies are about 3-1/2" in diameter. They are made from a basic sugar cookie recipe, which is then flavored with fresh orange zest, vanilla beans, and a hint of cardamom. The royal icing has a dash of vanilla extract to bring together the wonderful flavors of the cookie. You can purchase each set of 6 for under $20 bucks.

Now, we ask you, small price to pay for something that looks - and tastes - *that* good! Here's just a tiny sampling of the many lovely cookie designs available at Sweet Ambs!

Spring assortment:

Black & White Cameo:

Oh, did we mention you can also order 2 dozen of the mini button cookies?


We can't wait for an occasion to place our order. Second thought, do we really need one? :)

Have a wonderful day!


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