Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Romantic, Bohemian Topanga Canyon Wedding!

If any of you have ever watched The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, then you'll be familiar with the phrase: "I...Die!" ~ it's usually used in the context of something being so gorgeous, so absolutely perfect, that you simply may cease being from the overall loveliness overload.

This wedding, friends, is one of those occasions that calls for us to channel Rachel. First off, it took place in the glorious Topanga Canyon, at a heavenly venue called The Mountain Mermaid, which we were unfamiliar with and it's in our own backyard! Evidently (and quite understandably) it is frequently used for photo and film shoots.

Please, just take a look at what the place looks like from the front:

I know! Right? And here is the view of the grounds in the back and the pool:

And then of course, apropos of the name, there are the many fountains and decorative elements around the property featuring beautiful mermaids...

And now for the wedding. We found this by way of one of our new fave photographers, Justine Ungaro. We happened upon her site some time ago and fell in love with her style. And now you will see why!

Welcome to Liz & Edward's Wedding!

The bride!

Some details...

Yes, that is a percussionist seated on a gorgeous woven rug...too cool.

View of the ceremony by the pool.

The kiss.

And...we die!

Still dying...

Breathtaking presentation of the food.

Pure romance.

This image shows why having a photographer who "gets it" is so important. Beautiful nod to photojournalism.

Precious couple.

Ah...so good...every last detail. We hope you enjoyed! And thanks to Justine Ungaro for featuring this special wedding on her blog.

Have a lovely day!

xo SJE

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