Friday, August 14, 2009

Invitation Designer Spotlight: Betsy White Stationery

We're not afraid to admit it: Paper is like porn to us. Perhaps it's a bit unhealthy, sure, but really? There are just so many talented stationery designers out there that we feel need to be shared with the world! Okay, perhaps just our wee readership...hey, it may be a small world but it's our world nonetheless, and we want to share our great finds with you!

Which brings us to Betsy White and her absolutely precious designs! There's something really special about her style, and it's not limited to wedding invites. She's a full service design shop, creating everything from personal stationery to party invites to wedding logos. You name it, she does it, and she does it with complete finesse.

Behold, the Cheeky Cherub Party Invitation ~

...and the Tropical Bird Personal Stationery~

...and the Cirque baby announcement~

...and the Parker collection ~

...and from the Amelia collection ~

..and this gorgeous personal wedding monogram sample:

...and the adorable Truckin' Kids Party Invite~

As you can see, it's official...Betsy White is awesome. Check out her inspiration blog, Flights of Fancy!

xo SJE

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